Song of the Day~ for a Sunday Drive~ Easy by Faith No More

Okay, so I remember Faith No More by their biggest hit Epic, which was really pushing the genre of music and music videos in 1989 when it was released and I was in middle school. The image of the fish flopping and breathing for air was a big thing back then and today would probably call down the ‘epic’ wraith of PETA.

As much as I’m a fan of Epic and the music style that started the alternative revolution of the 90’s, the song ‘Easy’ shows a much more mature and comfortable style of music. Giving up on trying to be ‘edgy’ and ‘hardcore’ the band seems to accept the limitations of their music and talent to give a heartfelt tribute to the big band styles of the past while still have the rebelliousness of a long lost youth.

This is the definitive song of the mid-life crisis guy driving his Porshe on the the road, trying to envision his hardcore youth while taking a business call on his cellphone. Gotta love it.~



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