Song of the Day~ Fastlove by George Michael

As the 20th century was drawing to a close and a new millennia was just about to start we started growing more and more apart as a society. With advents in technology it started becoming easier and easier to isolate oneself from others while still keeping up the pretense of social interaction.

As this separation grew the need to take personal responsibility for our actions changed and the idea of guilt and remorse started to evolve from something we used as a learning experience and ultimately a chance at redemption to something to shake off and forget about. Fastlove embodies the idea of following the need for self gratification without the need for guilt or commitment.

Looking for some affirmation, made my way into the sun
My friends got their ladies, they’re all having babies
But I just want to have some fun

The album Older comes off as generally thoughtful and a maturing both in terms of music style and mentality, but this last spark of childish need to still keep hold of a selfish persona in Fastlove is what makes it stand out. This is the only real ‘pop’ song in the album with a catchy, dance beat reminiscent of many of George Michael’s previous hits. On the surface it seems like a song that a late 80’s or early 90’s George Michael would have written with most of the lyrics seemingly more fitting for one of his earlier solo albums, but the line above ‘looking for some affirmation…’ shows that this is an older more mature version of George Michael wanting to continue a freer lifestyle without judgment.

It was one of the personality point of George Michael that he really was overflowing with love for others. In his openness about his sexuality to his long-term relationships and bonds and his acts of charity and generosity without any desire for publicity or thanks. Instead of using his fame and celebrity to fuel his own ego or pride he used  the gifts he was given to truly love the world.



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