Song of the Day~ Daydream Believer by the Monkees

Ok, I gotta admit the Song of the Day is a bit late today, mainly because I’ve been going through so much emotional trauma that I couldn’t decide to be an A$$ or someone who wants to be better.

All arguments aside I want to be better so I give you “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees. For anyone who spent summer and winter vacation from school in front of the TV in the 80’s you’ll recognize the Monkees. They were the mass media answer to the Beatles. If you could take the Beatles in their initial rise to fame and fortune on mass media without paying the royalties then you have the Monkees.

They were a band that was initially created to have the “Beatles” on TV without any ties. From today’s point of view the meta within the meta is truly amazing. You literally have a ‘band’ on TV to imitate a band that was real, but the TV ‘band’ became a real band.

Well for me the Monkees were an introduction to 60’s music before the Beatles. I watched episode after episode of the Monkees on MTV as a young child before I ever discovered the Beatles and I realized I loved this style of music. What set the Monkees apart was that they needed to fit the TV curated and censored vision of the 60’s when they made their songs and music. The image came first before the music. So we are left with really upbeat, happy music that tries to hide the reality of life.

Even now, sometimes this is the escape that we need to get through the day and make it to tomorrow, so to the Monkees I say thank you.

For those of us who watched TV and movies and other pop culture media in the 90s up till now the idea of  “meta” is very real, but the truth is that the Monkees are more meta than anything before till now. A TV band that became a real band is something that doesn’t acknowledge the 4th wall, but utterly destroys it.



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