Song of the Day~ I Love It by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX

So another rainy day here in LA. Can’t complain though I usually enjoy the rain and California definitely needs the water even though rain reclamation isn’t very good here. The whether has been gloomy and I spend most of the day with a hoodie pulled over my head (bad idea to buzz my hair short). I also have been in a cruddy mood, my dog has decided that going potty outside is too much of a hassle and so on.

I don’t care, I love it, I don’t care

Icona Pop is a Swedish electropop duo that made the breakthrough to mainstream success with the song “I Love It” in 2012. The lyrics were written by UK artist Charli XCX and the song has made its way into a number of TV shows, video games and other venues. A catchy dance beat and just a I don’t give a fuck attitude. I love it.


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