Song of the Day~ “Why Can’t We be Friends?” by War

War is an American funk band formed in 1969 in Long Beach, California. They featured a diverse lineup that has changed over the course of four decades. Their style was a crossover of things styles ranging from funk, rock, reggae, Latin and more styles. They’ve released hits such as “Low Rider” with a Latin feel and “Cisco Kid” which has a more reggae beat to it.

I seen ya around for a long long time
I really remember you when you drank my wine

“Why Can’t We Be Friends?” highlights their musical diversity as well as the diversity of the band itself. As an ensemble group from the sixties they crossed racial lines by having a multi-ethnic and cultural lineup.

The color of your skin don’t matter to me
As long as we can live in harmony

In today’s world we tend to focus more on the things that divide us instead of the things that unite us. Instead of focusing on the ninety-nine things that we have in common we are told to look at that single feature or thought that makes us different from one another and to distance ourselves because of that lone reason. Diversity in culture and thought is a great thing to have in a group as it brings change and variance, but we also need to look at all of the things that we share as that is what creates the bonds of the group in the first place.




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