Song of the Day~ “I Can” by Nas

Hip Hop and rap aren’t usually genres that I gravitate to, but I always enjoyed the music of Nas. He always had a unique sound and his lyrics tended to have deeper meaning than what was usually heard on the radio or in a club. His music tended to push towards a hopeful attitude with a more positive message than some of his contemporaries with songs such as his breakout “If I Ruled the World” featuring Lauryn Hill.

Be, B-Boys and girls, listen up
You can be anything in the world, in God we trust
An architect, doctor, maybe an actress
But nothing comes easy it takes much practice

“I Can” although it has lyrics that can seem a bit suited for an after school special with an anti-drug message and even a bit of black history all accompanied by children singing background vocals. However it pushes a positive message and stands out in a year where rap and hip hop was pushing a different message with songs like “In Da Club” and “Ignition”. Instead of pushing for materialism for the sake of materialism “I Can” pushed the idea of being successful because it’s what you want to do.

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