A dreamcatcher is a ring or hoop originally made from a willow hoop with a web-like netting made of sinew, natural cordage or yarn and decorated with things like feathers and beads used by Native Americans to ward off bad dreams during the night. They are placed at the entrance of an abode and in the night catch bad dreams and let the good ones through.

I wonder if they work the other way? Will they catch good dreams trying to make it out into the world from our minds as we sleep? Can we collect our dreams in the morning as the Sun rises and makes all of the bad dreams disappear?

Dreams are such a nebulous thing, so clear and vivid in the moment only to disappear as the day goes on. They touch our base emotions as we sleep and show us our desires and fears only to vanish as the day goes on like the morning mist. It would be nice to be able to return to the dreamcatcher to regain those lost dreams, to relive them and see them with an awakened mind.

Freud considered dreams the realm of the id, the part of us that is raw and untamed by society. Our true wants and desires that show us who we really are as individuals without the constraints that we place on ourselves to fit into the confines of society.

By knowing what we truly want out of life we can set goals to achieve happiness. Unfortunately, though our dreams slip through the gaps of the dreamcatcher and flow out into the world to be lost as the sun arises and we return to sleep in the evening hoping to catch a glimpse of our true selves once again.


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