Drinking to Lose Inhibitions

In Korea, Japan and China people who are new to the scene always wonder about workplace drinking. It’s common for people at the same workplace to go out to drink and drink and drink almost every night. The truth is that they realize and understand that under the influence of alcohol that inhibitions and barriers are lowered. Asian mentality and culture is strongly based on the Confucian belief of a social hierarchy whether that is in the family, to workplace and society as a whole. The head of the household or workplace issues a command and everyone below is expected to follow the order without question.

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”
― Frank Sinatra

This is a very foreign concept in the Western world where we are taught to give our opinions on anything and everything, to contribute to ideas and thoughts to help. In Asian cultures though it is very different and it does lead to many hurt feelings and the idea that you are nothing but a cog in a system that doesn’t care.

The beauty is that this is where drinking comes into play. When you drink and are ‘drunk’ you’re allowed to say everything that has been suppressed until this time with the understanding that it was said under the influence of alcohol. This is the point where you can tell your boss that it was a stupid idea and that they are full of sh!t.

Drinking lowers inhibitions and brings forth the thoughts and ideas that we hide away. In a sense it brings out who we really are and what we really think minus the roadblocks and stop signs that we place on ourselves.

“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.”
― Charlie Chaplin

For me, I know that it unleashes all of the cold hard truths that I bury deep inside to maintain a certain sense of moralistic right and wrongs, barriers that I place on myself as acceptable behavior. In truth it is the only time I can really say what I want and unleash the beast.

It’s a side of me that I’m not too proud of as it delves into the deepest depths of emotions that I don’t want to acknowledge. So I try to keep a lid on my drinking, especially at this point in my life. I remember when that beast was Mr. Party and Mr. Fun, always trying to keep a happy mood going. Unfortunately, as I grow older and I try to live a life of Mr. Nice Guy, I realize that there is too much anger and bitterness buried away for me to drink like that again.



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