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Sometimes there is an idea floating in my head, it dances along the winds of my thoughts sometimes billowing up into a vision sometimes dissipating like smoke. For many an idea I try to follow it down its rabbit hole, deep down into where my currents of my mind run the deepest. As it settles and is pulled by the flow I try to cup the idea in my hands, just to make sure it doesn’t float away. I don’t want to touch it as it might break apart, but I don’t want it to sink, simply float on the surface, float down the current of my mind.

Unfortunately, for too many thoughts and ideas I have, too many plans and visions I forget them and lose them. As I think about something I want to write, something else comes up in life and when I want to return I don’t know where I was, I can’t find my way back. Like wandering around a city I’ve never been to I’ll see a store, a restaurant a place I want to come back to, but once I leave I know I’ll never find that same place again.

Watching the world go by as the car speeds along the road, staring out the passenger window. I see a park with children playing in a fountain shooting water up into the sky. I wish I could stop to take a picture but the car is too fast, the traffic flowing smoothly without interruption. I see a store with something I want out the window and before I can see the name or the address, we’ve turned onto another street another, direction.

Our thoughts and ideas are never solid, never concrete. They float from out brains, our minds into the air to disappear. We try to capture those thoughts in letters and words, in pictures and drawings and songs, but they are never the same when reproduced. As an artist what is in my mind is never the same as what is on paper.

I see shapes and figures in the smoke as I exhale. The tip of my cigarette glows brighter and brighter as I take a hit and the smoke rises in a ploom. Figures dancing along the currents of the air, twisting to and fro, moving higher up into the air until they are gone.

Millions of ideas and thoughts, countless plans and visions all gone floating down a stream of memory into the open sea.






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