Falling Down a Flight of Stairs

Today, I fell down a flight of stairs, this is not a metaphor or symbolism or any literary technique, I really did fall down a flight of stairs. You see, every morning I carry my dog down those stairs so he can go see to his business outside. He’s a bit old and refuses to let me trim the hair on his feet so going down a polished wooden staircase is beyond his abilities. I’ve seen him try a few times when we first moved in, but he’s smart enough to know when to give up. So the first step down this morning my left heel hit the first step and slipped out from under me. I dropped on my butt and bounced down to the bottom. In an attempt to keep my dog safe I held him all the way down and he had a nice rollercoaster ride this morning.

Da lazy bum

I sat there for a moment once I reached the bottom to assess my injuries, luckily no major damage was done except for my pride. Some scraped skin off my arms and a bunch of bruises that I’ve been feeling all day and expect to feel for a week.

Though I’m not the most physically gifted person in the world and my sense of balance and coordination are similar to a rock I’m actually surprised I don’t fall more often. Strangely enough with all of my uncoordination I haven’t really hurt myself too badly in the past forty years. I have scars from stupid things that I’ve done, but never any serious damage like a broken bone, muscle tear or anything so gruesome. I wondered if it had to due with my physical durability or because I simply haven’t taken enough risks in my life. I would vote for the latter.

Maybe I would tell a young me, “Take chances, break bones and at the very least you’ll have a great story to tell.” Unfortunately the old me still has a bit too much fear to do it. I actually fear injury more than death. Going skydiving? Not a problem if the chute fails I die, game over. Going bungee jumping? I’ll pass, bungee fails and chances are I’m gonna be in a world of pain. I’m more afraid of heights around 10 feet than a 100 and flying has never been an issue for me. The fear of pain overwhelms the fear of death to me.

The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. Vince Lombardi

But today, I bounced down a flight of stairs and am in pain. It’s actually a good metaphor for the past year or years that I’ve had. I’ve bounced down plenty of staircases, been thrown off buildings and beaten to a pulp emotionally and yet my durability remains, nothing is broken. Just some scraped skin and many, many bruises.

Just like this morning I got up and did what I had to do and will most likely have some whiskey to dull out the pain, just as I always have.




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