Les Misérables (2012) Review

Les Misérables was a movie that I had put off watching even after hearing the rave reviews when it was released in 2012. I’m not much of a musical fan and having trudged through the book in high school I didn’t have very fond memories of the experience. However, after watching Anne Hathaway’s performance of the song, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ I watched the movie just recently.

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
As they turn your dream to shame

Again, while I am no fan of musicals I did very much enjoy the music and movie as a whole. The story at times did drag on and the romance between Marius and Cosette is a bit contrived, the main focus was always on Hugh Jackman’s character of Jean Valjean and his struggle to be the person who he truly is while wrestling with his own sense of need and also the views of the world.

The acting in the movie is top notch, with an Academy Award winning performance from Anne Hathaway and I would say an equally powerful performance from Hugh Jackman, who was able to showcase a wide range of emotions while singing his way through the movie. I would however say that having to sing all of the lines did hurt the performances of some of the other actors including Russell Crowe.

I did have some issues with the CGI used in some of the wider scenes as it drew me away from the grittiness of the story and characters by being too obviously CG. The third act romance while needed, again played more of a distraction to the main story as did the mini La Revolution storyline and felt much too long.

Les Misérables as a whole was a deeply moving experience to watch and I would recommend having some tissues handy as it is a bit of a tear jerker especially in the starting two acts. A great movie to watch on a gloomy, rainy day with a bottle of wine.


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