Miss Coffee

Miss Coffee is a small cafe located in a strip mall on 3rd St and Hobart Blvd. in Los Angeles. It’s got a nice cozy atmosphere with mostly dark wooden decor. I wouldn’t call it the best coffee in the world and the prices have the typical Koreatown markup but the seats are comfortable for a long stay and the staff is friendly.

When the weather is a bit warmer I would recommend their Iced Milk Tea, which is similar to a Chai Milk Tea but has a few extra spices mixed in for good measure and comes in a hipster friendly Mason Jar mug.

The music is the typical K-Pop beats that you find throughout Koreatown but the volume is low enough where having a conversation isn’t very difficult. Not the trendiest place to be or the best coffee in K-town, but overall a great longterm hangoout whether to try to get some work done or to sit down and chat with friend.


Originally posted 2016-12-21 15:32:43.

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