Nostalgic Movie Reviews – Enemy Mine (1985)

When “Mad Max Fury Road” came out I was excited to see it and a return to the world created by George Miller even though it had a new lead in Tom Hardy. My niece wanted to see it too and so I took her to the local theater to watch it. She and I both enjoyed the movie to a great deal unfortunately for different reasons. While I enjoyed the special effects and the chases and the beauty of the film, I really enjoyed the storytelling and return to the ruins of Australia as it reminded me of the greatness of the other Mad Max films. When we got back home I turned on the “Road Warrior” in 1080p no less for her to watch and immediately she was no longer interested in Mad Max. The special effects and general look of the film (being actually shot on film) disinterested her right away. As much as I lived “Fury Road” the “Road Warrior” was still the best out of the four (for some readers they might not realize that there were other films).

For me I have no issues with movies before the CG revolution, to me they don’t look old or dated, they are just different. I can enjoy “The Terminator” as well as the sequel “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” even though the special effects that James Cameron employed were markedly different and much improved. Crappy SFX never really bothered me too much as even revolutionary SFX for the time, T2 and the Star Wars prequels look very dated now. One thing that I realized was that as SFX has gotten better and better the actual quality of movies has decreased. The stories generally don’t seem to have the same impact and something always seems to be a bit lacking. So for movie reviews, instead of talking about the latest and greatest I wanted to delve a bit into my past and movies that I still remember today. For those of my generation or older (God bless you) you may have the same nostalgic feelings and for those of my niece’s generation you may not get it but I do recommend that you watch the movies before making a snap judgement and you may actually enjoy it.

Enemy Mine (1985)

“Enemy Mine” was released in 1985 directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starred Dennis Quiad and Louis Gossett, Jr., it is a story of the interaction between a human and alien who are at war once they are stranded and isolated on a deserted planet. Initially they start as mortal enemies, but because of the conditions that they are stuck in become allies and friends.

It’s a pretty generic story for a war about “aliens” who are forced to coincide, but there are enough twists and revelations that make it meaningful. While the story does deviate from the original novella by Barry B. Longyear, I do think the ending for the movie while Hollywoodized is a better one.

Davidge: “If one receives evil from another, let one not do evil in return. Rather, let him extend love to the enemy, that love might unite them.” I’ve heard all this before… in the human Taalmaan.

Jerry: Of course you have. Truth is truth.

For those that haven’t seen the movie (most of you) I would recommend watching it through as it gives a very real view of what it is like for aliens who are enemies. At the start of the story both species and cultures are completely unknown to one another, but being forced into an environment where they need each other to survive both characters begin to see more similarities between themselves and also start to understand the differences between their cultures. As someone who’s lived for ten plus years in both the United States as well as Asia I can really understand the initial confusion and anger as well as fully appreciate what it’s like to really begin to understand a different culture.


Rewatching the initial five minutes of the film and the space fight I would say that the SFX are really outdated. Anyone with a decent understanding of computer graphics could probably put together something more palpable by today’s standards. However once they reach the planet the use of real sets and costumes really does make it a bit more believable than most of the stuff but out in the past fifteen years. The locations do have a sense of being real and solid when compared to a lot of the green screen work done today. The costume and makeup for Louis Gossett Jr’s character still looks amazing today. Other alien affects, in terms of creatures is again lacking by today’s standards but luckily the movie is not about the effects.

Sound is pretty solid all around as is the music. For the acting I would say overall it is a bit meh, with nothing special, but the acting of Lous Gossett Jr. is very solid. For those who don’t know who he is, Louis Gossett Jr. is pretty much the 80s version of Morgan Freeman. Solid black actor who tended to be typecast into the mentor role.

Overall, as with most movies from previous decades, don’t look into it to be wowed by how great it looks because honestly by todays standards it doesn’t. However enjoy it for what it is in terms of the story as well well as the performances given as those do not really change with time.


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