Rainy LA

Rain in LA is such a rare thing nowadays. Always nice to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book hearing the raindrops coming down. The clean smell of the air the next day tends to make up for the traffic and chill. This winter has been the rainiest one that I can remember in quite a number of years, it actually takes me all the way back to my high school times which was quite a bit away.

The rain this year has some positives as California has been in a drought for several years now and the rainfall and snow pack will help relieve some of that stress. I know for most Angelinos the weather hasn’t been that pleasant, but I for one have been enjoying it immensely. It has been an excuse to stay home and read and write and focus on more personal pursuits which I probably wouldn’t be doing if the weather were nicer. The weather has been a nice excuse to stay home, enjoy some bourbon and coffee and veg my life away. It’s strange how much we focus on the weather more when it suits our mood. When we want to be out and about, sunny weather really makes that day so much better and when we just need some time to focus on ourselves or mope the rain makes it that much easier.

I do miss the tropical rains in Asia the big fat drops that drench you from head to toe in seconds regardless of if you have an umbrella or not. Nothing like getting drenched when the mercury tops 110 degrees and the humidity has you covered in sweat.

I’ve always enjoyed the rain and wish it would rain more in LA, but that would mean I’d need to buy an umbrella.


Originally posted 2016-12-21 05:31:10.

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