Someday, One Day, Maybe

I had wanted to be an engineer when I was young and in elementary school. I loved to draw and always had a curiosity for how things worked so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Someday, one day, maybe.

When I was in middle school I had thought of being a doctor. I was good with people and had the brains for it if I applied myself. Someday, one day, maybe.

In high school I had thought about being a lawyer. I loved debating and the idea of finding truth in things appealed to me. Someday, one day, maybe.

There is someone out there for me. My soulmate and I will find her and marry her and we’ll be happy together. Someday, one day, maybe

When I was young I had wanted to get married and have kids and be a good husband and family man just as my father was. Someday, one day, maybe.

I never really wanted to be filthy rich, just have enough where I could live a comfortable life and have all the free time I wanted. I never needed a mansion, fancy cars or anything expensive just enough to be comfortable. Someday, one day, maybe.


Someday, one day, maybe I’ll still be able to have the job I wanted, the family that I wanted or the money that I wanted, but growing older and still not having those things I am glad to know that I became the person that I wanted to be.

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