Sometimes the Truth Can’t be Avoided

There are many truths that we want to avoid in life. As children we are slowly exposed to the world of truths from simple ones like Santa Claus isn’t real or the scary ones like the idea of your parents having sex is an image we all try to ignore, even as an adult it’s not something people want to dwell on. As adults there are still truths that are hard to accept and ones we want to avoid. We commit so much to following untruths sometimes that we begin to believe that those lies are the truth.

We deal in deception here. What we do not deal with is self-deception.

The Departed

The worst lies I’ve seen are not the ones that we tell others, but the ones that we tell ourselves to the point where we believe them. We hide ourselves away from reality at times to the point where it is a detriment not only to us, but everyone around us. The act of maintaining a lie at times starts to snowball into more and more deception in order to maintain a false facade. I admit that it was a path that I used to go down too often in my past, but looking back at the pain I caused others made me see the error of my ways. The truth hurts, it really does, but it allows us to actually lay down a foundation to heal. Avoiding the truth and facts used to be considered delusional, however in today’s world we are told that it is acceptable behavior.


Originally posted 2017-01-20 16:44:35.

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