About US

What is?

The PalHachi Project is something that I’m working on and will continue to work on to help me make myself a better person and have a better life. I hope some of the ideas and projects here can help you as well.

Pal means eight in Korean and Hachi means eight in Japanese. The number eight is generally considered to be extremely lucky and fortunous in Asian cultures and also is a great number to think about overall. Someone told me that eight is a great number because while it is high (from 1 to 10) it is not so high as to be greedy and also not so high as to be unattainable.

The idea of self-improvement or bettering our lives and surroundings should be like that. Aiming high, but not aiming for perfection as it is usually impossible to achieve. That way we can be grateful for what we have.

Hopefully you’ll find this site useful and if it helps you then to help promote it so it can help others as well.

The PalHachi Project will be divided into separate sections for now each with its feel and theme. The first is the Zenso Project, which will aim to provide a general guide to my mentality and approach to personal growth (which is changing everyday) using different aspects of science, religion, psychology and spirituality. Other projects will be coming as well so stay tuned.