Blame it on the Tetons by Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is an American rock band out of a suburb of Seattle, Washington formed in 1992. They achieved mainstream success in 2003 with the song ‘Float On‘ which is another personal favorite of mine but the song ‘Blame it on the Tetons’ was one that really stuck in my head.

I first heard (remembered) it simply as the music as it was played while I was in the in between state of being awake and asleep one morning. I had thought the melody nothing but remnants of a dream that played over and over in my head throughout the day until I went back to see where I had heard it.

The melody is a mix between melancholy and also a bit upbeat as the song goes on. The meaning to me is all about how we in modern society are trained to place the blame of negative aspects of our lives on everyone and everything instead of taking responsibility for our own lives.

Enjoy the song~