Hachiko (Hachi meaning eight, and a suffix meaning affection) was an Akita born in Japan who was known for his profound loyalty to his master. Hachiko would follow his master to the train station every morning and return in the evening to greet his master and return home. After his owner passed on Hachiko would still continue returning to the station every evening to greet his master who never returned.

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Rainy LA~

Rain in LA is such a rare thing nowadays. Always nice to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book hearing the raindrops coming down. The clean smell of the air the next day tends to make up for the traffic and chill.

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A dreamcatcher is a ring or hoop originally made from a willow hoop with a web-like netting made of sinew, natural cordage or yarn and decorated with things like feathers and beads used by Native Americans to ward off bad dreams during the night. They are placed at the entrance of an abode and in the night catch bad dreams and let the good ones through.

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