Hachiko (Hachi meaning eight, and a suffix meaning affection) was an Akita born in Japan who was known for his profound loyalty to his master. Hachiko would follow his master to the train station every morning and return in the evening to greet his master and return home. After his owner passed on Hachiko would still continue returning to the station every evening to greet his master who never returned.

The idea of that kind of loyalty in today’s world is extremely rare, a loyalty to a master and friend that went beyond death. I also found the idea of Hachiko himself and his loyalty to whom he was very endearing. Too often as individuals we have no loyalty to ourselves. Instead of worrying about how we see and view ourselves, we worry about how others see and think about us. We should be more like Hachiko knowing who we are and sticking by it regardless of how others think of us. In time people will recognize and respect that type of courage.

Our actions and thoughts might seem weird and sometimes even crazy, in reality the idea of millions of individualistic people conforming to the same thing is what is really nuts.